Redox Homeostasis and Bio(in)organic Chemistry of Reactive Sulfur Species: In biological systems

Team Composition

D. Padovani, CR

Permanent Staff

E. Galardon, CR, HDR
S. Lajnef, IE
D. Over, MCU HC
F. Peyrot, MCU, HDR
M. Poinsot, IE


PhD Students

A. Stojanovic (1st year)

We use reliable (bio)chemical tools to decipher their mechanisms of action on relevant model compounds and biological targets, and we apply an integrated approach to decode their biosynthesis as well as their implication under normal and inflammatory conditions.


Bioinorganic chemistry of sulfur species

Biochemistry of sulfur species

Biology and signaling of sulfur species

Latest publications (full list here)

Molecular Basis for the Interaction of Catalase...
Padovani, D., Galardon, E.
Chem. Res. Toxicol. (2022)

Characterization of the Inducible …
Trummer, M., Galardon, E., …, Kloesch
, B.
Antioxidants  (2021)

An optical H2S biosensor based on the chemoselective Hb-I…
M. Dulac, A. Melet,  et al.
Sens. Actuator B-Chem. (2019)











Reversible Detection and Quantification of Hydrogen Sulfide by Fluorescence… Dulac M, Melet A, et al.
ACS Sens. (2018 )