Laboratoire de Chimie et Biochimie
Pharmacologiques et Toxicologiques (LCBPT)
Université Paris Cité
45 Rue des Saints Pères
75270 Paris Cedex 06


Research Scientist, CNRS

Laboratoire de Chimie et Biochimie pharmacologiques et toxicologiques (LCBPT) – CNRS UMR 8601
Université Paris Cité
45 Rue des Saints Pères
75270 Paris Cedex 06


After completing my master training in analytical chemistry at Sichuan University in China, I embarked on my research journey in 2008, by pursuing a PhD in materials chemistry. Over 3 years, I focused on lanthanide-based metal organic framework (MOF) as anticounterfeiting taggants, under supervising of Prof. Carole Daiguebonne in INSA de Rennes (France). In 2012, I began my first post-doctoral research in University of Rennes 1 (France), under guidance of Dr. Bruno Fabre. Here I delved into surface functionalization of silicon for electrocatalytical artificial photosynthesis (i.e. photoelectrocatalytical reduction of CO2). Moving forward, in 2013, I joined Prof. Nicolas Alonso-Vante’s group in University of Poitiers (France), working on advanced nanoalloys and nanocomposites for cathodic reaction (i.e. oxygen reduction reaction, ORR) of fuel cells. In 2016, I accepted an Associate Professor position in South China University of Technology (China), concentrating on nanomaterials for energy conversion. One year later, I returned to France for family reason and assumed temporary lecturer and research assistant in Paris Cité University. Working with Prof. Claire Mangeney, I have focused on surface functionalization of nanomaterials for biomedical applications (e.g. biosensing and cancer theranostics), employing an innovative surface strategy using aryl diazonium salts as coupling agents. Since 2019, I have held a tenured researcher position (CRCN) at CNRS in LCBPT lab at Paris Cité University, working at the intersection at surface chemistry, nanoscience and biomedicine. Since 2019, I have secured six granted fundings, leading three research projects as the PI in the fields of bioresorbable stents, nanooptics, and cancer theranostics, also contributing as a collaborator in three additional projects in the field of biosensing and bioimaging.

Curriculum Vitae

ORCID 0000-0002-9515-0460 er=wWChhMUAAAAJ&hl=fr

27/02/2024 Research Director Habilitation (HDR), Université Paris Cité

2019 – now   Tenured Researcher (CRCN) at The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)

Team leader of Nano Bio Spectroscopy, Laboratory of Pharmacological and Toxicological Chemistry and Biochemistry – LCBPT UMR 8601 / Faculty of Fundamental and Biomedical Sciences, Paris Cité University / CNRS / France

2017 – 2019  Temporary Lecturer and Research Assistant (ATER)

Faculty of Fundamental and Biomedical Sciences, Paris Cité University / CNRS / France

2016 – 2017  Associate Professor

School of Environment and Energy, South China University of Technology / P.R. China

2013 – 2015  Post-doc

Institute of Environment and Materials Chemistry of Poitiers – IC2MP UMR 7285, University of Poitiers / CNRS / France

2012 – 2013  Post-doc
Rennes Institute of Chemical Sciences – ISCR UMR 6226, University of Rennes 1 / CNRS / France

06/06/2012   PhD in chemistry supervised by Prof. Carole Daiguebonne

Rennes Institute of Chemical Sciences – ISCR UMR 6226, The National Institute of Applied Sciences of Rennes (INSA Rennes) / France

2008            Master in chemistry

College of Chemistry, Sichuan University / P. R. China


Granted projects

2021-2025 (on-going). As Coordinator: Controlled degradation behavior of bioresorbable stent via surface strategy – BIORESORB. Young Researchers Program (JCJC), The French National Research Agency (ANR).

2019-2020. As Coordinator: NIR-laser-switched smart nanocomposites as dual contrast agents for photoacoustic and Raman imaging and photothermally-activated drug-delivery systems. CNRS starter funding.

2022-2025 (on-going). As local principal investigator: Spectrally tunable advanced nanosource for local spectroscopy – ADVANSPEC. Collaborative research program (PRC), ANR. Coordinator: Pierre-Michel Adam.

2020-2022. As collaborator: Translating synovial fluid biomarkers to diagnoses using nanospectroscopySYNOFLUID. Manifestation d’Intérêt Prématuration IdEx, Université Paris Cité. Coordinator: Claire Mangeney and  Christelle Nguyen.

2019-2020. As collaborator: New generation of fluorine-19 MRI tracers for monitoring immune cell therapy in cancer – FLORIM. Emergence, Université Paris Cité. Coordinator: Claire Mangeney and Florence Gazeau.

2017-2019. As collaborator: NIR-laser-switched smart nanocomposites as contrast agents for photoacoustic imaging and photothermally-activated drug-delivery systems for detection and therapy of peritoneal carcinomatosis – NIRPER, France Life Imaging (FLI) funding. Coordinator: Amanda K. A. Silva and Jérôme Gateau.



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